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Citywide Shootings and Shooting Victims Up, Along With Murders


Following our item yesterday on the 23 percent jump in the murder rate so far this year, the Daily News this morning offered its own take, saying that the number of shootings, and shooting victims, are up as well.

The News says the number of shootings is up 21 percent over last year through March 21. Moreover, 293 people have been hit by bullets this year, a 16.3 percent increase.

Through March 21, there have been 97 murders this year so far, compared to 79 at the same time last year. Thirty-nine of those killings took place over the past four weeks, compared to 24 during the same period last year.

Three other crime categories are also on the rise so far: Rape is up 11 percent, assault is up 6 percent, and burglary is up 4 percent. Robbery shows a slight 1 percent decline.


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