Jamie Oliver Thinks Bloomberg Is “Sensible,” and Those Concerned About the Food Police Are “Just Whingers”


Jamie Oliver’s exhaustively chronicled reality show, Food Revolution, finally premieres tonight. Grub Street shot the breeze with Oliver about everything from getting West Virginians to eat vegetables to his new barbecue restaurant with Adam Perry Lang. They also asked his thoughts about Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-salt and calorie posting campaigns, and here’s what he had to say on the matter:

“I think Bloomberg is sensible — he’s a pioneer. It’s not telling everyone what to do, it’s giving clear sign posts. The people whinging about it are just whingers and they’ll whinge anyway. [Regarding calorie postings,] some people will ignore them, some will never see them, and a third will use them and they’ll make them bounce to another product when they find out a muffin is a third of their daily intake of calories and they’re trying to lose a little weight. Diabetes and obesity kill way more people than any form of murder or gun crime.”

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