Michael Musto to LCD Soundsystem: “Suck it, James Murphy!”


“Eat it Michael Musto: you’re no Bruce Vilanch!” So goes James Murphy’s pernicious insult of our dearly beloved and long-serving nightlife columnist on “Pow Pow,” one of two partial tracks to leak last night from LCD Soundsystem’s much anticipated, yet to be titled third record, due in May. (The other single, “Drunk Girls,” is boisterous and clever and can be heard here.) Musto, of course, knows how to dish it out, too. So we figured we’d ask him what he thought about James Murphy’s incursion into his otherwise peaceful Friday:

Have you ever heard of LCD Soundsystem?

No. But I need a new sound system. Is it any good?

What about Bruce Vilanch?

Yes, I’ve heard of him. He’s a highly paid wit and happens to be a friend of mine. They’re right–I could never be him.

What do you make of the allegation that you’re the lesser of this particular pair?

I’m OK with it, though we’re not in the same racket at all, so it’s like saying “Sandra Bullock can never be Barbara Walters.”

Is James Murphy even pronouncing your name right?

As with everything else, he got the pronunciation dead wrong. But I sort of like “MOO-sto.” It’s vaguely continental sounding.

Do you like the song?

I like the part where I’m mentioned, despite the wrong pronunciation. And I’m elated that they went with “Eat it” over the less elegant “Suck it.”

Care to make any response/retort to this insult?

Suck it, James Murphy!

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