New: Roaming Acres Ostrich Farm Now Selling Meat, Eggs


Wandering through a blustery, chilled Greenmarket today, a basket of gigantic green and white eggs caught our eye.

Roaming Acres Ostrich Farm is a relatively new addition to the Friday Union Square Greenmarket: The friendly guy behind the counter said this is their fourth week. The farm is located in Sussex County, New Jersey, and raises both ostriches and emus.

At the market today, they’re selling the birds’ large eggs–off-white and green respectively–which are also available hollowed out for Easter-egg decorating. And there’s meat: filets for $15 each, ground meat for $9 a pound, and eight-ounce steaks for $10 each.

Those steaks come from a cut called the oyster, a tender bit of the ostrich’s thigh. Ostrich meat is deep red and lean (the birds don’t have intramuscular marbling), and tastes beefy. Like most game, it should be cooked quickly on high heat to medium-rare, to avoid drying it out.

The large birds are known for being efficient and 95-percent usable, including the feathers and hides. The farm fabricates wallets out of the skins, and sells those, too.


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