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As we head into a 48-hour period of relative oblivion, here’s a look back at the best posts of the last five days:

This week, g-u-t-b-o-m-b is spelled by the Galway Hooker’s hooker burger.

Paul Giannone, the man behind the new Paulie Gee’s, talked about making the leap from IT manager to restaurant owner and piazzaiolo.

We ranked Our 10 Best Sunset Park Restaurants.

Greenport Harbor Ales are coming to New York City.

Who is Jerry Thomas, and why does he have more Facebook friends than you?

Battle of the Dishes pitted locavore matzohs from Streit’s and D&T Shmurah Bakery against one another.

Painkiller will open in mid-April, and wants you to steal stuff from the bar.

An unlikely vegan delight can be found in the broccoli rabe hero at Casa Calamari in Bay Ridge.

The Early Word visited the No. 7 Sub Shop

…and the Barrel, the new “European Tapas” joint from the Panya owners.

Live blogging Choice Eats, in both words and pictures.

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