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Requiem: Voice E-mails Remember Slain New Yorkers


Here in the “Somebody got Murdered” newsroom, we often get eloquent, poignant emails from Voice readers about homicide victims. We can’t always reproduce those comments in a separate item. Often, they are anonymous, or accompanied only by screen names.

So, let’s take a moment, and quote a few of them from recent months — reminders, all, that no matter who we are, there are people out there who care for and remember us.

Writing of homicide victim Michael Martinez, a woman calling herself Ms. Bibi tells us: “The man shot and killed was a very loving person who is survived by three beautiful children. He was the best friend and helping hand to lots of people and will be missed more than words can explain.”

Of David Morales, who was shot and killed this week in the Bronx, we got the following: “I know nothing about the case except what I have read. I have an 11 year-old son and the thought of him having to deal with one of his parents being murdered is horrific. If there is some kind of fund or whatever is put in place to help console two children after such a senseless killing please let me know.”

Of Orlando Salgado, a man who tried to protect a teen from a gang of thugs, we got this: “Hi, I read this story and would like to reach out the family and donate a small amount of money to help pay for his funeral costs or something.”

An 18-year-old victim named Wilson Jackson, killed in early March, brought this note: “I’ve known Willie for almost 10 years. I looked up to him like a big brother. When I received the call, I dropped into tears. It’s sad to hear a friend of yours has been shot dead over an argument of some sort. Talented, loved by most and funny is what I will remember.”

Of the murder of another teen, Ruben Larios, a writer told us: “I really only knew him as a child. He was a very sweet boy.”

Of Michelle Fernandez, slain by her abusive boyfriend: “Michelle was a caring person who showed love to everyone she came in contact with. She just became blinded by her love for him. May her soul be able to rest in peace.”

Rest in peace, all.


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