The Guy Behind the Guy, Behind the Guy: Gawker Media Puppetmaster Revealed to be Arizona Cardinals Fan Will Leitch


Rarely do conspiracy theorists — especially those of the media-industrial-complex paranoia persuasion — get the validation they’ve been seeking for most of their adult lives. I knew this day would come. And now, it’s here.

As a former employee of the “sweatshop” that is infamous New York blog mafia Gawker Media, I always suspected that my Jewish, British, scary, large cranium’d publisher Nick Denton was always having his strings pulled by some greater entity with mysterious motivations and a mainline to the most violently swirling forces of whatever reservoir of knowledge New York’s power elite tapped into. And via Young Manhattanite, my suspicions have now been confirmed:

Former Deadspin editor and current New York Magazine sports columnist Will Leitch — REO Speedwagon aficionado, Arizona Cardinals fan, losing Win Ben Stein’s Money contestant, and the guy who once hit current Deadspin editor A.J. Daulerio in the face with a baking pan really fucking hard — was that guy. And MSNBC broke the news.

Okay, really though, if Gawker Media were founded by Will Leitch, they’d still be operating out of some storefront window in a Bleecker Street pet shop, right next to the inbred Shiba Inu puppies. Filed under Thinking, Wishful. Then again, if Will Leitch were Nick Denton’s puppetmaster, the world wouldn’t have had the pleasure of watching one blogger hit another blogger in the face with a baking pan. Let’s be honest: That wasn’t a bet, that was an editorial dictum. Some things in this world are, thankfully, just fine the way they are.

UPDATE: Leitch responds for comment.

See, this is going to totally end my friendship with Gabriel Snyder. You blasted bloggers are always stirring matters up.

The good news: Now that the jig is up, Gawker editors may feel free to be cynical in headlines again.

See? Evil. The dangers of not taking Facebook Syphilis seriously might lead to the spread of Facebook Syphilis. Which is probably exactly what he wants to happen.

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