Those $2,495 Light-Up Stilettos You Wanted? Sorry, a Bunch of Fools Already Bought Them All


It’s been far too long since pairs of light-up shoes sold out all over the city — probably since 1994, when Joe Montana-endorsed L.A. Gear sneakers put LEDs in their kicks, creating L.A. Lights. But thanks to Jimmy Choo designer Tamara Mellon, it’s that time once again. The UK-based brand recently released a $2,495, five-inch stiletto called ‘The Zap,’ the heel of which, with every step, lights up in lime-green. Mellon claims she intended the shoes for a night of dancing, but according to the Post‘s “test-ride,” the heels cause quite a stir on the street in broad daylight. Wealthy shoe fetishists, however, appear undeterred. The classed-up ’90s throwbacks almost immediately sold out at both Jimmy Choo stores in the city and there’s a waiting list to purchase them online. Whoever shelled out a couple grand for these bitches better be wearing them day and night until, oh, their irreplaceable battery dies after 100 hours.