Tony Awards Expand Voting Pool And Still Exclude Me!


Last year, a batch of press people were told they could no longer vote for Broadway’s Tony awards–this even though we’re the only voters who didn’t have a conflict of interest, seeing as we don’t work for any of the shows!

Well, we all carried on and screamed like highly literate babies, so now the committee has decided to allow the 20 members of the New York Drama Critics Circle back in to vote.

Which STILL leaves out 80 writers, editors, and so on–including me!

And I was so conscientious all those years, making sure to see every show nominated in every category (and even ones NOT nominated) and also to make sure no personal agenda tainted my ballots.

And now I still can’t vote, but people on the payroll for nominated shows can.

And I’m just going to keep on screaming.

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