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Wall Street Reform Gone Renegade, Now Extends to Rooftop Dog Poo


As if there isn’t enough evidence for your fellow countrymen to feel like the “fat cats” on “Wall Street” have “(defecated) the bed” on our country’s “money” — now we have to deal with the fact that it’s coming from high above, and it’s coming from their dogs. But one man felt it went too far, and decided to do something about it.

Via Animal New York, residents of the luxe 75 Wall Street high rise condos — which is also the same building that houses the Andaz Wall Street hotel — have been chastised by their management company for letting their dogs go to the bathroom on their lovely, pool-equipped roof; likely because the five-block walk to Battery Park in what’s proven to be the most beautiful weather of the year is just too much to bear for them. Hence, renegade Wall Street regulation:

Subject: 75 Wall Street – Pet Etiquette

Dear Resident,

Unfortunately the Management Office continues to receive numerous complaints regarding pets throughout the building. Pets continue to be brought to the Rooftop Terrace to urinate and defecate and there have been numerous sightings of dogs running freely in hallways. Please note that pets are never allowed in the Rooftop Lounge or out on the Terrace. Dogs must also be properly leashed at all times when traveling throughout the building (in hallways, elevators, etc.). Dogs should never be unleashed in an elevator and allowed to run free once the elevator doors open. Though our building is pet-friendly, we must also be respectful of all residents, some of whom may be fearful of dogs.

Additionally, we kindly ask that all dog owners and/or dog walkers bring dogs away from the main entrance of the building to “do their business.” Allowing dogs to urinate and defecate right in front of the main entrance is unsightly, not to mention that the smell of urine and feces is unpleasant as one is entering the building.

Word. Unfortunately, federal regulatory entities have yet to take up the matter of Wall Street’s most influential movers and shakers defecating on the rest of New York, the country, and the world in public view, proving once again that the private sector is absurdly more efficient than anyone would care to admit.

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