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Can’t We All Just Take the Subway Without Killing Each Other?


Public transportation is not seeming so fun lately. We woke to the news of 37 or more people being killed this morning in coordinated terrorist attacks on the Moscow subway system during rush hour — an act thought to have been orchestrated by Chechen rebels.

In response to the Moscow attacks, the NYPD is stepping up security in Times Square and the New York City subway system — where, on Sunday morning, an errant trashbag thrown from a No. 2 train at 14th Street hit a group of men who pulled out knives and stabbed Darnell Morel and Ricardo Williams to death in retaliation. Which kind of makes you wonder about that word “terrorist.”

The assailants are still at large.

Paired with recent reports of increased homicide around the city — 103 murders so far this year, compared to 86 at the same time in 2009 — this incident has led to the inevitable worries about the city returning to New York’s olden days of crime, when people didn’t give a rat’s ass about recycling and donned razor blades as hair accoutrements.

Come now, people! Let’s get back on track here. I know times are hard, but if we can all just make a concerted effort to get to work (or home) together in peace, things will be all the better for everyone. I’ll even buy a round at the bar.

Hug it out?

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