Co-Sign: Das Racist’s Shut Up Dude Mixtape


Things to love here: “You Oughta Know”‘s Terror Squad-checking, blissfully incoherent take on the Cam’ron track of the same name; the slurry Tribe homage “Who’s That Brown”; all the self-deprecating, happily schizophrenic jokes on “Shorty Said”; the bit on “Ek Shaneesh” that goes “I am a pickup truck, I am America,” which is smart and funny and satire and sincere, all at once; and “Hugo Chavez,” on which dudes flat out rap, with references to match — ably unpacked by Sean Fennessey here, in a feature on this mixtape and its spiritual cousins from last week’s Voice. It might not be a surprise at this point that we’re really pleased with this record, unintentional Jawbreaker cover homage and all, but we are really pleased with this record. The first, often unobeyed rule of this joke rap game is that you that if you can’t actually rap, you might as well be a music critic, like the rest of us. Here’s to these three ducking that fate for a little while longer.

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