Damon Dash’s Under 100 Lives! Erykah Badu Was There Friday, Before Playing Good Units on Saturday


Alright. Let the record show that for once in our miserable, venuedestroying lives, we kept a secret show secret, sending house photographer Rebecca Smeyne to Friday’s hush-hush Under 100-hosted prequel to Saturday’s loudly-promoted Erykah Badu release party (where, intrepid photog that she is, Smeyne also managed to surface), and not saying word one about it in public until the show was safely in Dame Dash and the gang’s collective rearview mirror. Compassion? Getting soft in our old age? Who knows. It would’ve been a shame for them to have painted this fancy new mural on the back wall, only to have to cancel the damn thing again:

Badu performed alongside Class Actress and Skeleton$; here’s the former’s Elizabeth Harper:

The next night, Badu played a more publicized but still nominally “secret” record release show at the Hudson Hotel’s Good Units, which was total chaos and drove Rob Harvilla to bitter distraction. Badu took a while to show up; in the meantime, opener Spank Rock (he followed Tony Castles and MNDR) got himself booed offstage entirely after assaying the lyric “Shake it till my dick turns racist”:

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