Finally, a Candy Bar Aimed at Boys: Nestle’s Yorkie


The Yorkie, named after a dog, but intended for boys. The wrapper says so.

It’s estimated that 90% of all chocoholics are females. Is it fair to assume that most chocolates were invented with women in mind, from bonbons oozing fruit fondants to so-called “white chocolate,” whose only utility lies in not leaving brown smears on your white gloves?

Fork in the Road recently stumbled on an English candy bar called Yorkie, and did a double take upon seeing the slogan “IT’S NOT FOR GIRLS!” emphatically scrawled on the manly, metallic-blue packaging. WTF? Was the only logical response, since the manufacturer would never get by asserting such a thing on a candy here. But, rather than pondering the differences between the political climate in the U.S. and in the U.K., we simply bought the candy bar and smuggled it home.

Would the candy be sausage-shaped, to appeal to one’s sense of maleness? The confection proved to be five chunky joined segments of unadulterated milk-chocolate–no nuts, no fruit, no spurting caramel. Moreover, the chocolate was pallid and gritty–though the segments were big enough to choke a small animal.

But at least Yorkie posed the question: Do boys just want bad chocolate, and lots of it?

Size matters, when it comes to chocolate for boys.

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