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Hutaree Militia, Brick-Throwers, Victoria Jackson: Rightbloggers Find New Allies Way, Way Out on the Fringe


We hate to admit it, but the rightbloggers may be onto something when they talk about “false flag operations” against conservatives — that is, opponents pretending to be rightwing, then acting crazy to discredit the cause.

Take CNN’s hiring of RedState lunatic Erick Erickson. As we all know, mainstream media outlets like CNN are mere instruments of liberal bias. So why would they bring aboard so forthright a conservative as Erickson?

Perhaps, as Erickson’s recent cringe-inducing interview with Howard Kurtz suggests (“You’re comparing [the Obama Administration’s health care spokeswoman] to a notorious Nazi?”), they gave the ridiculous Erickson a national forum merely in order to humiliate conservatives. (Wouldn’t you be humiliated if he were representing you?)

And you have to wonder why Erickson consented. Maybe he just wanted the money. Maybe he actually believed, against all evidence, that wider dissemination of his ravings would advance the conservative cause. Or maybe he’s in on it!

In the age of the all-powerful ObamaHitler, you have to consider all the angles.

We must also wonder about Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars, a rightblogger whose hatred of the Federal Government does not prevent him from collecting disability checks from it. Vanderboegh recently commanded his followers to break the windows of any Democrat they could find (“Break them with rocks. Break them with slingshots. Break them with baseball bats. But BREAK THEM”). As we are constantly assured that, if there is any violence in American politics, it is caused by Democrats, this man must be working for the other side.

And some lunatics actually heeded this apparent double-agent’s advice and broke several Democrats’ windows — which shows just how well the false-flag operation worked.

Also, Vanderboegh’s crusade of violence has lured other rightbloggers into further buffoonery. Attend Blue Collar Republican’s sadly misinformed notion of plausible deniability:

“After last week’s events in the national arena, I took the position on this blog that I had no problems with folks who threw bricks through windows with notes attached to them as long as there was no risk of people being injured and the venue was appropriate (such as a Congressman’s office). I also made a point of noting that I was going to ‘misbehave’ myself and left it open to interpretation…

“Late Friday I set up an Event on Facebook called ‘Sons of Liberty Meeting’ with the comment, ‘For those who have sipped enough tea.’ I did not sent out any invites and discouraged any inquiries about it so that hopefully no one would show up. In the event that they did, my plan (which I did by the way) was to treat them to a little range time…”

Etc. No doubt when the marshals come knocking on this guy’s door, he’ll be wondering how they failed to succumb to his Jedi mind-tricks.

Liberal Hollywood did its part, too, by programming former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson to blow up on cue on Fox & Friends last week. Host Steve Doocy found himself obliged to back away from Jackson’s claim that the President is a straight-up communist — on Fox, yet! If that’s not sabotage, what is?

It may even be that one of the leading rightbloggers is part of the plot. This weekend the Obama Administration moved against militiamen in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio, allegedly including members the Christian Hutaree sect. The Hutaree are crazy last-days war-gamers who declare that “the Hutaree will one day see its enemy and meet him on the battlefield if so God wills it. We will reach out to those who are yet blind in the last days of the kingdoms of men and bring them to life in Christ” — presumably at knifepoint. They’re so crazy even the notorious Michigan Militia wants nothing to do with them (which merely proved to The Blogmocracy that “This Michigan Militia smells of false flag here”).

These folks were brought in on suspicion of a pipe-bomb plot. (Hutaree’s MySpace mood at present: Distraught!) The charge is sufficiently vague that you (and — who knows? — perhaps federal officials) might expect the more excitable nuts out there to react with fulminations about government conspiracies and massive resistance — and, sure enough, they have.

“Shades of Waco, the last Democrat President’s travesty?” said Melvin Udall. “We’ll see. A Christian militia group is just the target they’ll need for their Reichstag fire.” “There is a grave chance that the rest of the Militia community will not stand by and do nothing about this,” said a commenter at a Ron Paul 2012 site. “Has it begun?” asked Bungalow Bill, grabbing a shootin’ ahrn.

Obama Antichrist allowed that the militiamen might have broken some laws — “Yes, trying to sell pipe bombs (even just agreeing to sell pipe bombs to an undercover Fed who has duped you into offering to sell him pipe bombs) is a serious crime” — but finds them justified because all the states in which they were arrested “have been ruined by liberal Democratic and statist policies, so again, no surprise that people are attracted to radical answers.” (Remember when liberals were the ones soft on crime?)

Infidel Bloggers Alliance, like Blue Collar Republican, tried the talking-in-code routine: “If King George would simply have acquiesced the colonials would not have gone about plinking at anyone in a British uniform… Remember, WE are THE Militia. And that does not mean we go looking for a fight but are ready willing armed and able IF one comes to us.” (These are not the droids you’re looking for, Storm Troopers! Heh — OMG, they’re still arresting us!)

Line of the week: Classical Values — “Last time I looked, wanting to start a civil war (insane as it is) was not a crime.”

But you would think the big-time rightbloggers would keep their powder dry. Nonetheless Instapundit, perhaps the biggest of them all, bit right through the bait and into the hook: “THE TIMING APPEARS CONVENIENT: FBI stages domestic raids.” Later he added comments from others who told readers what the real crime was: “Just wait for the MSM to associate them with ‘tea baggers’ and anybody not wild about health care,” etc.

Embracing the militiamen seems like a helluva way to keep Tea Partiers’ enemies from “marginalizing” them. Can the king of the rightbloggers really be that much of a dupe? Or is he in on it, too? Trust no one, fellow patriots — no one!

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