Study Says Overeating Similar to Drug Addiction; Locavorism Leads to Slaughterhouse Shortage


A new study suggests that high-calorie foods may be as addictive as cocaine or nicotine, and could be at the root of compulsive eating and obesity. Overconsumption of fatty foods was found to trigger addiction-like responses in the brain.

By devising signature ground meat blends for his customers, Pat LaFrieda has managed to reinvent both the burger and the role of the butcher.
[NY Magazine]

Lentil and other legume farmers have launched a marketing campaign to promote the use of their goods not only in soups and stews, but also in breads and cookies.

Restaurateurs open up about being forced to make changes to deal with the economic crisis, such as cutting employees and delaying maintenance or repairs.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Eat or drink your favorite celeb with one of these eponymous specials: The Eliot Spritzer
at Hill Country, Tyra’s Mini Mac ‘n’ Cheese at Macbar, The Scarlett Special at The Pump.
[NY Post]

After being hit hard by the credit crunch over the past two years, Gordon Ramsay is opening his first restaurant in Australia today: Maze.

With the increased popularity of locally raised meat, local farmers are faced with a shortage of slaughterhouses throughout the country.
[NY Times]


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