The Morning Ink: Monday, March 29th, 2010


So starts our morning news roundup. Today: the housing law in New York you’re probably breaking right now. The hot ticket that is President Obama’s Passover Seder. Lindsay Lohan’s yayo “uh oh,” a riot at Rikers, Christian Militia madmen, and more. Here’s what’s in the news this morning:

  • There’s apparently a never-enforced arcane housing law in New York City stating that more than three unrelated people can’t live together. So, congratulations, at least more than half of everyone you know has broken the law in New York at some point. Badass. [NYT]
  • A “nearly nude” woman was found “mangled” on the subway tracks off the N near Bensonhurst, Brooklyn’s Kings Highway stop. Her prosthetic leg was a few feet away. Police are not suspicious of the death, considering it a suicide, even though there’s a dead woman on subway tracks wearing only black panties, with a prosthetic leg a few feet away. That’s not suspicious. At all. [NYDN]
  • The Obama administration had a full-on Seder in the White House for the team’s Jewish staffers, along with a few others. They noted that this was the first time gefilte fish has ever touched the White House’s china, because there haven’t been any Seders, and because the only people willing to subject themselves to the awfulness that is gefilte fish are the Jews. Naturally. [NYT]
  • North Koreans are using cell phones and mobile tech to get the secrets of their country out to the rest of the world. [NYT]
  • 13 guards at Riker’s Island got banged up after inmates refused to be locked in their cells last night, and decided to clash with corrections officers there. The fight was supposedly put on ice within minutes, but two captains were injured in the brawl. Supposedly, the rebellion took place over what was an apparently routine searching of their cells earlier that day. [NYP]
  • One of the Real Housewives of New York creatures, Bethenny Frankel, got married at the Four Seasons. She’s also apparently breeding. They served “sirloin steak” at the reception. Underwhelming, no? Also, no, she was not a housewife when she started the show, but whatever, semantics. [NYDN]
  • Your weekend was probably better than that of the Hutaree Christian militia in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, who were raided by the FBI this weekend. [NYDN]
  • The LAPD wants to book Lindsay Lohan for being crazy. Of all things. [NYP]


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