You’re Fired, Sarah Palin!


Failed VP candidate Sarah Palin is very big on telling people they should be axed from their jobs–a bizarre role to assign yourself in this economy.

The downsizing queen just went to Nevada to announce “You’re fired, Harry!”–meaning that right-wing voters should gather to bump Democratic Majority leader Harry Reid out of office because she’s not terribly fond of his ideas.

And it wasn’t that long ago that she urged Obama to push Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel into unemployment for using a word that Levi Johnston said SHE privately uses all the time.

Well, the next time Palin says someone should be fired, here’s all they have to say in response:

YOU don’t have to be fired! You abandoned your job in mid-office and turned your back on the people you’d pledged to lead, just so you could make more money writing a book and pitching a reality show! Remember?

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