EN Japanese Brasserie Introduces Cocktail Omakase


With the recent release of Yuri Kato’s book on the subject, Japanese cocktails are hot these days. EN Japanese Brasserie has jumped on the bandwagon with a new cocktail list designed by mixologist Gen Yamamoto, and the introduction of a cocktail omakase (chef’s choice).

Shochu and sake feature heavily on the menu, as does gin and fresh produce and herbs. The omakase makes use of seasonal fruits and vegetables found at the Greenmarket on the day. Rather than layer multiple spirits in each drink, Yamamoto tends to use shochu, what he calls “one of the cleanest liquors available,” and fresh raw ingredients.

Cocktails include the Pink Grapefruit with Torikai rice shochu or gin and honey; the Ginger with homemade ginger ale, Shiro shochu, lime juice, and soda; and the Oba with shisho leaf, gin, and lemon juice; each priced at $13. Non-alcoholic versions are available for $9.

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