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From Moscow to Riverhead, Twisted Sisters at Large


Every now and again, it seems like there’s an open competition going on for best example of mass derangement — an opportunity for those colossally bent out of shape to vent their real or imagined demons on the rest of us.

The leading example is Moscow, which witnessed the apparent return of the Black Widow suicide bombers, the alleged Chechen women whose twisted fury took out some three dozen yesterday in Moscow’s subway.

But America also did well in this sweepstakes:

  • There were the nine members of a Michigan-based apocalyptic Christian group picked up at their trailer-camp homes before they could carry out their alleged plan to assassinate just any old police officer. The next step was to use Iraq-style IED’s to blow up the funeral, grieving families and all.
  • Another nine sweethearts, all teenagers, were arrested in western Massachusetts, smack in the middle of one of the nation’s golden centers of education, for allegedly bullying an Irish 15-year-old into suicide. How? Torture by texting.
  • Teenage viciousness was also on display on Long Island, where a gang member gave testimony in a Riverhead courtroom about how he and his pals had gone on a two-day binge of “beaner-hopping,” armed with BB guns and knives, in search of Latinos. Nicholas Hausch, 18, told how they had stopped an Hispanic man riding a bike. They punched and kicked him. Hausch stole the man’s white baseball cap. “I took it as a souvenir,” he said. A few hours later, they upped the ante, when one of the crew fatally stabbed an Ecuadoran worker.

There’s also a flood warning alert today. Which seems fitting.


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