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Jim Morrison Hottest Thing Since Dean and Brando


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December 14, 1967, Vol. XIII, No. 9

by Howard Smith

THERE REALLY hasn’t been a major male sex symbol since James Dean died and Marlon Brando got a paunch. Dylan is more of a cerebral heart throb and the Beatles have always been too cute to be deeply sexy. Now along comes Jim Morrison of the Doors.

The Doors are one of the top selling rock groups on the charts and that doesn’t hurt, but their lead singer Morrison’s appeal is much more than words and music.

If my antenna are right he could be the biggest thing to grab the mass libido in a very long time.

I have never seen such an animalistic response from so many different kinds of women. Plastered all over the teenybop fan magazines. Glossified in Vogue. God, even arrested for a “Lewd performance.”

Several girls I know, all in their mid-20s, and long since past the age of drooling over some shirtless wonder, have all told me that they have this terrible crush on Morrison.

A few days before the Doors’ last New York concert one of these girls asked me if I could get her a press card so she could somehow get into their dressing room. She said she felt silly but couldn’t help herself. I have even heard rumors that a company is coming out with a Jim Morrison doll.

Is his the face to launch a million female dreams?

HARLEY BIRD, showing Lyndon Johnson as a Hell’s Angel, is the latest best-selling poster. I saw it first at the Night Owl, one-time rock cafe turned poster store, where Galahad, one time hippie hero turned salesman, is now employed. A sign of the times? The poster (by Bob Dara) sells for $1 at the Night Owl or from Box 58, Village Station, New York City 10014.

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