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Lost Suitcase Full of C-Notes is “Social Experiment”


We just got off the phone with business owner and former Marine Clarence Chance, the Craigslist poster behind the found suitcase full o’ money.

“It was a social experiment,” he says. “I cannot tell a lie: There is no actual suitcase of money.”

Damn! We were looking forward to claiming it. As were a number of other New Yorkers, who described the suitcase as, among other things, polka-dotted, belonging to an aging grandmother who didn’t speak English and wasn’t aware of its departure, and containing an iPhone. Promises were even made of finder’s fees.

So, kudos New Yorkers! You are creative and wily. We respect that. We kinda knew that.

Why, however, $78,383 dollars? Chance, who currently lives on Long Island but hails from California (where nobody loses suitcases of money), says, “I just did it as a humorous thing. Because how do you really count that much money?” (Uh, you pay someone to do it for you. Bah-duh-bum.)

By the way, all of you people who are out looking for jobs instead of free money, Chance’s company is currently hiring. “I’m not all work and no play,” he says.


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