Michael White Is Planning to Take Over the World


Michael White may have a reputation as one of the city’s nicest and most humble chefs (being from Wisconsin helps), but his ambition is pure Donald Trump. The chef told Crain’s, which profiled him as one of their annual 40 Under Forty list, that within five years he wants to have restaurants around the world bringing in $100 million a year, vowing “We will be a $100 million company.”

And the chef is certainly on his way: according to Crain’s, his Alta Marea Group, which White formed with investor Ahmass Fakahany, grossed $28 million last year, and will doubtless increase its revenues when White opens his newest venture on Lafayette Street later this year. And who knows, maybe he’ll get in line with the latest wave of New York chefs stampeding towards Vegas.

Other food-type people on the 40 Under Forty list are Maile Carpenter, editor-in-chief of the wildly successful Food Network Magazine and wife of Wylie DuFresne, and Katie Grieco, the VP of operations for Tom Colicchio’s Craft restaurant group and, we can’t resist adding, wife of Our Man Sietsema’s BFF Paul Grieco.


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