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Overall Crime Goes Up, Fueled by Jumps in Murders, Robberies and Burglaries


The NYPD is normally very efficient about posting the latest crime statistics to its website each Monday. But as the crime numbers have gotten worse, the department all of a sudden is getting slower in posting those stats. As of this posting, the department still hasn’t updated its stats. Last month, after a week in which crime went up slightly, the NYPD forget to post the updated figures altogether.

Fortunately we have the good folks at the New York Post, who got a look at the latest stats. And guess what? Overall crime is up by 3.5 percent, fueled by increases in murders (20 percent), burglaries (9.5 percent) and robberies (8.2 percent).

Now, that’s not a huge increase, but New Yorkers are so accustomed to crime being down that it is worth noting. The other thing is that this is, historically, a slow time of the year for crime because of the cold — a fact that makes this increase more troubling.

It’s also curious that as soon as there’s a spate of articles about manipulation of the crime statistics, the numbers go up. That may be a coincidence, but it does make you wonder.


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