Pat LaFrieda Meatpacking Space to Become an Art Gallery; Whole Foods to Stop Stocking Raw Milk


Wtih 12 new cases of illness in the Midwest linked to unpasteurized milk, the raw milk debate is heating up, leading Whole Foods to pull raw milk from its shelves. [Wall Street Journal]

Environmental activists have been attacking Nestlé over YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for its purchases of palm oil from an Indonesian firm that has allegedly cut down rain forest for palm plantations. [Wall Street Journal]

The EPA plans to add bisphenol-A, or BPA, a plastic widely used in food packaging and plastic bottles, to its list of chemicals of concern due to potential health risks. [NY Times]

When Pat La Frieda moves to his new headquarters in North Bergen, N.J. next month, his 10,000-square-foot Meatpacking District space will be turned into an art gallery. [Crain’s]

Mayor Bloomberg’s bill to create 1,000 new vegetable stands isn’t working because it’s difficult to make money selling healthy food in poor areas. [NY Daily News]

Vickie Kloeris, NASA’s head chef, has developed more than 60 appetizing and nutritious dishes for astronauts, including shrimp cocktail, vegetable quiche, and cornbread stuffing. [Washington Post]

Emiril Lagasse is not a fan of cooking competition shows, but thinks his forthcoming Emeril Lagasse Show on ION TV will be “like a party,” with food, music, and celebs. [NY Daily News]


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