Sandra Bullock To Jesse James: Buh-Bye!


When I win an Oscar for Best Actress, I am certainly not going to accept it with a morose pout, then promptly go into hiding in humiliation in order to work out the details of my shattered personal life.

But that’s just what poor Sandra Bullock had to do because her man, Jesse James had dated a Nazi and three other babes.

And now, we learn, my Sandra will file for divorce–the biggest “Duh” since Ricky Martin said he was livin’ la vida gay yesterday.

But here’s one thing that bugs me about all this:

Remember when Jesse’s custody battle against his ex-wife hit the press, and the ex was painted as evil because she’d done “lesbian porn” while Jesse got props for being a happily married man?

All things considered–and yes, I know she got busted for tax evasion–wouldn’t you rather have the kid with her?