So That Mariah Carey Remix Album Is Never Coming Out


Tough times for Ms. Carey — last year’s Memoirs of a Perfect Angel (which is not terrible!) has sold significantly fewer copies than, uh, the Glitter soundtrack, and now its guest-star-heavy remix disc, Angel’s Advocate, which is responsible for that daffy Nicki Minaj team-up, has been scrapped entirely. This info comes to us courtesy the indomitable Rich “FourFour” Juzwiak — who the hell else are you gonna trust on this topic? He explains this catastrophic failure, and then explains why it’s still, paradoxically, sort of winsome:

After this exponential failure, where is Mariah left? Just where I like her, it happens: in the underdog house. Mariah is at her most fascinating when she is flailing. She was barely worth paying attention to when all she had to do was open her mouth to sell millions of records and be inescapable for the next six months. Her failures, her diminished voice, her determination to overachieve have blessed her career and music with character. She is miles away from the melismatic deer in spotlights that she was in 1990. As much as I look down on the idea of Angels Advocate, I have to admit that even that fits into her career in a fascinating way, that its desperation rings true.

(Rich also describes Minaj as “a human waste of time,” but let’s save that battle for another day. Preferably one where Mariah’s feeling a little better.)

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