Talking With Here We Go Magic’s Luke Temple About His Band’s New Single, “Collector”


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Buzz-folkies Here We Go Magic are returning in June with their second album, Pigeons. It’s a monster release for the Brooklyn band–their first for Secretly Canadian, their first as a five-piece band instead of one-man mystical machine, and their first since making the internet fucking explode with the swoony, flighty sound of 2009’s “Fangela.” HWGM appeared fully formed last year with a harmony-soaked, goosepimply self-titled debut, recorded entirely to four-track by leader Luke Temple, which quickly had critics pegging them as Grizzly Bear’s cuddly cubs. The available first taste of the group’s follow-up, Pigeons, is the grooving “Collector,” which makes it clear that Temple has fleshed out not only his band but his sound, riding a sexy krautrock riff into the warm cubbyhole where LCD Soundsystem meets Frightened Rabbit. The insular magic of the band’s debut is now exploding with dance-floor moves and hooks that pop like confetti–a hefty feat for a song that features the phrase “mild fascination.”


Download: Here We Go Magic, “Collector”

Here We Go Magic frontman Luke Temple on “Collector”

What is “Collector” about? What inspired the music?

I’m not a collector type but I have always had a touch of envy for those who are–it makes for a more interesting home. It’s also weird how peoples’ stuff can define them. There is probably no hiding the fact that we were listening to a lot of Neu!

Why the pigeon imagery?

Pigeons are all over the place. They are so numerous that you stop noticing them, but of course they are birds and they fly and can do special things like deliver packages. I like the idea of being subtle and slowly creeping into people with this music, nothing too overt.

Tell me why you always record your own records.

Total control. I figure that if you have a clear idea about how to approach the void then you deserve to jump in by yourself.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve ever played in New York?

Probably the Sidewalk Café in 1999, open mic night, first time. I was so nervous that I had amazing vibrato.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

I’m always a sucker for Diner. Mostly because the waitresses are so pretty.

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