Thanks to William Tigertt, the Ramp Backlash Starts….Now


Michael Anthony, Tom Colicchio, the customers at Tipsy Parson and Babbo, and just about every other gastronerd within the five boroughs may be creaming themselves over the imminent arrival of ramps, but William Tigertt is a bit more, shall we say, reserved in his enthusiasm.

Apparently fed up with the tweets and twats of joy inspired by the most fetishized member of the allium family, the Freemans impressario has taken to his Twitter feed to express his lack of fervor, writing “You know what. Fuck ramps. There I said it. Please find something else to Tweet about.”

After Lockhart Steele took exception to Tigertt’s Haiku-like dismissal, writing, simply, “Dude doesn’t get it,” Tigertt fired back with, “Sorry, the gastronomic pleasure of wild leeks don’t justify the Eatron cries of “OMG RAMPS!!!!” First sign of spring, bah.”

Now Tigertt and Steele seem to be engaged in a back-and-forth that has piqued the passions of both ramp lovers and haters while causing others to simply wonder if #fuckramps is the name of a new band. It will doubtless culminate in a display of bare-chested, bare-fisted bravado carried out in an abandoned root cellar somewhere east of the Bowery, with pitchfork-wielding farmers, disgruntled foragers, and members of Community Board 3’s SLA committee looking on, tiding us all over until someone creates a Twitter feed to start hating on fiddlehead ferns.

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