The Chris Knox Benefit at Le Poisson Rouge Has Already Raised $40,545


Which is to say that the May 6th show, featuring Yo La Tengo, the Clean, Jeff Mangum, and a bunch of other people is way beyond sold out–even at $75 per ticket. The indie start-up for indie start-ups, Kickstarter, hosted the bidding, and you can still give money there–as little as a dollar–to support ailing Tall Dwarfs frontman and New Zealand rock godfather Chris Knox, who suffered a horrendous stroke last summer from which he’s still recovering. It won’t get you into the show, but it’s a pretty easy way to give back to a guy who has already given a lot of people an awful lot. [Kickstarter]

Oh, and scalp at your peril, clowns–what up, Lee Shaker?