Your New Favorite MemeBlr: Michael Buble’s Dinosaur Problem


Apropos of nothing, because it’s raining and gross and Jen and I are having our midday BLEH session, here’s your new favorite Memeblr (Meme Blog + Tumblr = Memeblr). You will regret not clicking the jump in a week when everyone is laughing about how wonderful this is, and when it shows up in the Approval Matrix in the lowbrow-brilliant quadrant. Trust us on this.

Via Designage, in the great tradition of Hipster Puppies, Snookie Shop, and Selleck Waterfall Sandwich, presenting: Michael Buble Being Stalked By A Velociraptor, or simply “BubleRaptor.”

In case the description doesn’t fully explain this to you, there are photos, and in these photos are Canadian crooner Michael Buble (pronounced BOOB-LAY, sorry, it’s true, I actually had to learn this by getting it wrong, because really, it kinda looks like BOOB-EL, but apparently for that to happen it’d have to be spelled BOOBLE). And in these photos of Canadian crooner Michael Buble, he is being stalked. By a Velociraptor.

Yes, it’s come to this. That said, I wouldn’t really hesitate to buy the coffee table edition of this book were I a moneyed dinosaur enthusiast — but it’d have to be one of those big, beautiful $100 coffee table books that they only print like nine of. Also useful to scare the kids from ever going to Canada. Or listening to Michael Buble. Either/or.

Do enjoy. What will those crazy photoshopping people think of next? God willing, it’ll still be people thinking up this unique brand of patent, brain-cell consuming ridiculousness. And not machines. That would be bad. You know machines are coming to get us when they’re coming up with our dumbass Internet memes for us. Don’t let it happen, Internet. Keep ’em coming.


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