Breaking: Children Prefer Sugary, Fatty Food Over Vegetables Prepared by Jamie Oliver


If you’re a 7-year-old used to drinking strawberry milk and eating pizza for breakfast, chances are you’re not going to fall instantly in love with fresh vegetables just because a famous British chef makes them for you on TV. That’s more or less the conclusion of a survey conducted by the West Virginia University Health Research Center.

The center polled kids at Huntington, W. Va.’s Central City Elementary, the subject of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and found they were not, on the whole, big fans of Oliver’s revamped lunches. Many stopped buying school lunch after items like deep-fried reconstituted chicken parts were removed from the menu, and drank less milk after Oliver removed the chocolate- and strawberry-flavored options. On the plus side, more than six out of 10 kids reported that they’d learned to try new food, even when Oliver wasn’t hovering over them, exhorting them to do so.