Bronx Tenants Hauling One of the Voice’s ‘Ten Worst Landlords’ to Court


Tenants in a Bronx building controlled by Frank Palazzolo, one of the Voice‘s “10 Worst Landlords,” plan to file suit tomorrow in housing court to plead with the city to get the building out of his hands.

People in 29 of the 56 apartments at 2710 Bainbridge Avenue, a few blocks from Fordham University, want an independent administrator appointed to oversee the building, which currently has 200 emergency violations and was specifically cited in last week’s Voice. There hasn’t been a lock on the front door in years, and the building is under a constant state of siege by neighborhood lowlifes.

Highlighted in the second part of the Voice‘s “10 Worst Landlords” (Part 1, Part 2), the building features many mean amenities, including water leaks, broken faucets, bedroom walls that have turned black from mold, and bathroom ceilings that are either in collapse or verging on it. Garbage is strewn throughout the filthy building, and rats crawl freely in and out of collapsed ceilings.

Gabriel Pendas, an organizer from the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, tells the Voice that he even had to call the cops on a drug runner who was trying to use the lobby for business during a tenant meeting.

One of the unluckier tenants, especially during the recent rain, is Enriqueta Garzon, who lives on the top floor with her husband and two children — the building roof is constantly leaking water, and she tells us her apartment ceiling is in imminent danger of collapse.

Palazzolo sits at the helm of a network of crumbling, neglected apartment buildings in the city.

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