Ditmas Park Is Desperately Seeking Ice Cream


Perhaps not quite as titillating as PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest, the Flatbush Development Corporation’s survey to determine what kind of ice cream store to open in the area is still pretty exciting, at least if you live in Ditmas Park and crave frozen dairy products. Brokelyn has linked the the FDC’s creatively titled “Frozen Treats Buying Habits” questionnaire, and is taking a survey of its own that asks commenters to vote for the best ice cream store in Brooklyn. The choices are the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Uncle Louie G’s, Van Leeuwen, Blue Marble, and Cold Stone Creamery. Missing from the list are Jacques Torres and the General Greene, whose proprietor, Nick Morgenstern will foster some development of his own in Greenpoint this summer, when he plans to park a second ice cream cart outside of Five Leaves.


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