Drink it in: National Geographic’s Special Water Issue


With bluefin tuna populations dwindling, bee colonies inexplicably collapsing, and industrial farming threatening the sustainability of our food supply, the last thing you probably want to hear is that we’re facing yet another edible (or, in this case, potable) crisis — and this one could be the end of us.

By 2050, one third of all people in the world could lack a clean, safe source of water. National Geographic examines the state of the planet’s freshwater supply in a special issue entitled, Water: Our Thirsty World.

The issue includes features on the Tibetan Plateau, which supplies fresh water to nearly a third of the world’s people; new desalination technologies that could help us tap vast supplies of seawater; and endangered freshwater animal species that are disappearing at a faster rate than their land or ocean counterparts.

If the amazing photography leaves you thirsting for more, you can view images from a related exhibition taking place at Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles here.