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Obama: Ain’t No Party Like A Birther Tea Party ‘Cause A Birther Tea Party Don’t Stop


Also, it won’t ever be of concern to President Barack Obama, because Barack Obama is an intelligent, rational person, who won’t dignify stupid, irrational people. Which he basically implied to America when he sat down for a Today Show interview with Matt Lauer yesterday.

Tuesday morning’s interview is still being parsed by pundits across America as you read this. Maybe one will inform you how to react to it! Surely someone can find something awful to say concerning the colorful tidbits about his family life, his church life, and about being a cool dad. But via Brett Dykes at Yahoo News, the most crazy people who extrapolate the most crazy things from people in power they don’t like — in this instance, the “birther” faction that remains within the Tea Party movement — often only think they hear things being said about them. This time, they heard those things, loud and clear. Shots!

“There’s a part of the Tea Party that actually did exist before I was elected … where there’s some folks who just weren’t sure whether I was born in the United States, whether I was a socialist,” he said. “Then I think that there’s a broader circle around that core group of people who are legitimately concerned about the deficit, who are legitimately concerned that the federal government may be taking on too much. And I think those are folks who have legitimate concerns. And my hope is that as we move forward and we’re tackling things like the deficit, imposing a freeze on domestic spending, taking steps that show we are sincere about dealing with our long-term problems, that some of that group will dissipate.”

It’s tricky to rock political rhetoric that absolutely bashes an entire sub-sect of insane people, but this was one of Obama’s more memorable moments in addressing the out-and-out cockeyed-crazy conspiracy theorists who have argued over things like whether or not the President’s birth certificate is real. Also: The way they argue them, and the intent in arguing them, which is respectively “crazy” and “making things go their way despite the majority of America not being of their insane sociopolitical persuasions, whatever they may be.” The way he did it was simply by noting the legitimacy of others, and as logic follows, the complete and utter illegitimacy of birthers: Unlike the rest of the tea party, the extremists are not legitimately concerned about the deficit, or legitimately fear the federal government, because their concerns are illegitimate. Because they’re crazy and angry and probably angry because they’re crazy, which is what sometimes happens to crazy people when they don’t get their way.

The part he neglected to add is that most of them are racist sociopaths whom the status quo protects, but whatever. He also inherently turned the rest of the Tea Party on birthers, casting them as more legit than their googly-eyed, publicity-hungry counterparts. Savvy.

Endgame: It sounds simple, but Obama and company pulled off a smart, calculated way of expressing a obvious sentiment that would’ve caused more grief than it’s worth had he gone about it any differently, because addressing these people in a direct manner gives them credence. Which they don’t deserve, at least not from the President. We, on the other hand, will take those crazy fuckers’ pageviews hand over fist. And if you’re one of those crazy fuckers, we’re the Village Voice, nice to meet you. Look: Black people.


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