Your First Broadway Show?


I mean the first one you saw, not starred in!

Mine was Man of La Mancha, the hit musical about Cervantes sitting around prison and telling the inspiring story of crazy, old Don Quixote, who jousts with windmills and sings “The Impossible Dream” through false teeth.

I hated it! It was so drab, and this being several years into the run, the cast consisted of weary replacements in gloomy costumes moving around the depressing sets.

I wanted dazzle! I wanted No, No Nanette!

But I stuck with my ticket buying and eventually I got to see Broadway shows right up my gay alley.

It was 1975–the year of the original productions of A Chorus Line and Chicago–that finally cemented it for me.

I was a theater queen till death.

And you? Which title started your unstoppable quest for show splurging?

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