964 Reasons to Take Your Landlord to Court


As promised, tenants in a Bronx building near Fordham U. that’s being run into the ground by Frank Palazzolo, one of the Voice‘s recently named “10 Worst Landlords”, filed suit today in housing court to try to wrest the tenement from his hands.

The suit, brought by the tenants of 2710 Bainbridge with the help of the Urban Justice Center, includes a litany of complaints about the 56-unit building, which (as page six of the complaint notes) currently has “at least 964” unresolved violations of the housing code.

For instance . . .

Complaints include: exposed wiring, leaky pipes, busted window sashes, cockroaches, mice, rats, broken toilets, broken sinks, falling plaster, falling ceilings, bulges in walls, holes in walls, water leaks directly over stoves, inoperative buzzers and bells, garbage in the vestibule, no hot water, no heat, and a broken front door for the entire building.

Other than that, tenants have a lot of complaints.

The suit, however, is simply the start of what usually is a long process to try to get the city to put a building in the hands of an administrator.