Avenue A to Get a Fish Monger/Restaurant/Cocktail Bar


Though not quite as much of a stretch as a community slaughterhouse/wi fi cafe or as unorthodox as a Jewish-owned restaurant called Traif, a fish monger cum restaurant cum cocktail bar is still a fairly novel concept (although as a commenter below pointed out, Wild Edibles has been doing this on Third Avenue for awhile now). And it’s one that may soon become a reality.

EV Grieve has learned that Keith Masco, the president of Radical Records, is planning to open such an establishment at 171 Avenue A. Masco told the blog that “There will be a display case when you first walk in about 6 feet by 3 feet with approximately 20-25 different types of fresh seafood. Most of it will be kept in the basement and brought up as we run out of things in the case. This way we can do the volume of a bigger store with a fraction of dedicated space.”

Masco is planning to make his bid for a liquor license at the CB3 meeting on April 19. Stay tuned…