Bloomberg Foundation Looks a Lot Like Bloomy for Prez Committee


Mayor Bloomberg unveiled the new board for his multibillion-dollar foundation yesterday and it looks a lot like a potential Bloomberg for President advisory board.

For Republicans down in Florida, there’s a Bush (Jeb) and a Cuban-American (Miami mayor Manny Diaz). For right-wing Dems, he’s got that old military warhorse, Sam Nunn from Georgia; for urban Democrats, he’s got Corey Booker from Newark. For financial advice he’s got that Goldman Sachs vet and oh-so successful ex-Treasury secretary, Hank Paulson.

All of this will be overseen by the ultimate multi-tasker, first deputy mayor Patti Harris who insists she has plenty of time left over after overseeing the city’s $60 billion budget. Quote of the day is from new city comptroller John Liu: “Jeez!”

The Daily News‘ Adam Lisberg reports that the foundation’s most recent tax filing shows that both Harris and Bloomberg devote just 15 minutes per week to working on the charity.
An earlier Lisberg report this year included another interesting note: The mayor-who-would-be-prez had his money in an off-shore, Cayman Islands account.