Co-Sign: E-40 Samples Björk For “Spend The Night,” To Predictably Bewildering Results


So inimitable Bay Area titan E-40 has a new double-CD out, Revenue Retrievin’, featuring this surrealist jam, wherein Capt. Save a Hoe and some of his buddies (one of whose catch phrases is apparently “SHEEEESH,” which, awesome) wax lascivious (“I wanna see you squirt without a soda can,” etc.) over some expertly chopped-up Björk ululations. Cocaine Blunts, who conveniently whittles the two-disc monolith down to one, is on board: “I feel like a sucker for going for the all too obvious Björk bait, but the vocal treatment and the eerie beat switch really feels like something that she and her team would do. Droop doesn’t just sample this shit, he studies it.” Hopefully they’ll all play Housing Works together soon. (Also: way more valuable co-sign.)