Gogo Over to “Gogo Idol” at the Monster


The problem with American Idol is that the world has no real use for people who can belt out a song, especially when they do it really well.

A far more important talent to use as a salve for the planet’s ills is gogo dancing!

Nothing soothes the savage beast more than another savage beast pulsing his thinly clad cojones in your face.

And the show completely ignores that!

Did you ever see Ruben Studdard dance some gogo?

Kelly Clarkson bump her wicked crotch to the music?

Adam Lambert…well, never mind.

Anyway, Gogo Idol, Frankie C‘s weekly event at the eternal Village bar the Monster, is your ticket for just this kind of competitive flesh feast.

Every Thursday, you can cheer on the competing dancers–or you could even BE one of them.

Come on, dance your heinie off for big prizes like a spread in Next magazine, some cash, and most importantly, a beauty day at a salon!

A beauty day at a salon? Honey, I would even strip and grind for that–but I’d need it BEFORE the contest.