In-n-Out Burger Isn’t Coming to New York. Yet.


Earlier today, some merry pranksters raised the hopes of local carnivores by putting up signs announcing that In-n-Out Burger would be coming soon to Union Square. Although the signs were quickly proven to be an April Fool’s hoax, some wondered if the California-based chain actually did have any plans to come to the city. So we called In-n-Out’s 1-800 number to find out.

A nice lady named Heather answered the phone, and told us that sadly, In-n-Out isn’t coming to New York. Yet. “Eventually, we hope to get there,” she said. First, the company must clear some hurdles: “We have one warehouse in California to supply all of the food so that it’s delivered fresh,” Heather explained. “Logistically, it’s a matter of time.”

The chain, she added, has only made it to four states in 61 years, so clearly rapid expansion has never been on the menu.

Incidentally, we were far from alone in having our curiosity piqued: “We’ve had quite a few calls this morning,” Heather said. “So we thought something might be up.”

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