Ma Peche Probably Opening Next Wednesday, and Looks Real Purdy


Let the siege of midtown begin: Ma Peche is opening its doors next week. New York‘s Robs have a preview of the menu and a slideshow to accompany it. Thanks to its enormous, criss-crossed communal table, the dining room looks like the nicest cafeteria ever, and brings to mind designer Thomas Schlesser’s previous work at Chicago’s the Publican and, to a lesser extent, Avec.

As for the food, it looks, well, Momofuku-ish: heavy on the (sustainably sourced) animal proteins and inflected with Asian ingredients. The names of chef Tien Ho’s bistro-style dishes use both French and Vietnamese descriptors, i.e. Xa Lach Frisee and Homard Trois Xot, putting us in mind of Code 46, that Michael Winterbottom movie where everyone in the future speaks in a mash-up of languages. Anyway.

There will also be take-away Milk Bar treats — though no cake slices — which, one assumes, will be useful in boosting the blood sugar levels of the hungry, waiting crowds.