Media Moves: Former Gawker Writer Sheila McClear to New York Post


Speaking of Gawker moves, looks like another one’s being made.

Onetime jailbird Sheila McClear — who was let go at the end of 2008’s network-wide bloodbath — has been named as a staff features writer at the New York Post.

Since her departure from Gawker, McClear’s contributed to the New York Press, BlackBook, and The Daily Beast, as well as the Post. In November, her book about her experiences working the nearly extinct Times Square peep shows — which she’d been shopping for almost a year — sold to Soft Skull Press. The announcement comes after her feature — about the Confessions of a Shopaholic writer who took her daughter to the slums of India — made today’s cover of the Post.

She starts on Monday, April 12, and will presumably keep all containers closed before then. Then again, she will be working for notorious alcoholic Col Allan, so who knows. Regardless, if she refers to the lovely, young new Runnin’ Scared writer Jen Doll as a “middle-age[d] veteran” of the media ever again, we’ll fucking cut her. She’ll be one of two Gawker alumni at the Post; the other is Page Six’s Neel Shah.