New York Noise Update from NYC Media: ‘If You Liked Our Music-Video Show So Much, Why Don’t You Make It Yourself?’


Been publicly tracking the dispiriting, and unexplained, departure of NYC-TV’s terrific local music show New York Noise for over a month now, along with monitoring the “Bring Back New York Noise” citizen petition and the Facebook group that’s 747 members strong (including yours truly) and full of comments like: “NY Noise was a little piece of joy in a city turning to poo!
[B]ring it back please!” And finally, there’s a development: the Bloomberg TV forces are considering bringing it back!

But wait.

“We heard you want some noise–NY Noise–and we want it too,” a note posted yesterday on the NYC media site reads. “So we’ll soon be announcing how you can submit your proposal to create the new New York Noise–a half-hour taped feature program showcasing all the interesting music out and about in NYC.” Uh, what?

We e-mailed the kind press folks who typed back last time and asking both, “What does this mean, specifically?” and whether or not New York Noise creator Shirley Braha will have any involvement. Their response: “We’re looking at new and innovative ways to create quality programming and look forward to making an announcement about this soon. In the meantime, we wanted to let NY music fans know that we care about shows like NY Noise and want to engage the creative community in a number of programs on the channel.”

What we can gather from all the dishwater talk are a few things.

  1. 1) NYC media wants you to know they heard you/us/their viewership.
  2. 2) And since you like the show so much, you should make it yourself.
  3. 3) Why? Because it will save the rest of the taxpayers money. “By involving the community in creating content, we focus on New York and find cost effective means of serving our audience” yesterday’s post also declares. Seems misleading since, by all accounts, there was only one person previously making New York Noise.
  4. 4) The people making decisions will be culturally savvy, since they’re covering “interesting music” that’s “out and about,” a phrase that belongs on a survey asking people to classify themselves as “lounge lizards” or a “couch potatoes.”
  5. 5) This will likely be New York Noise only in name.

Lastly, using the finely tuned Harvilla Scale of April Fool’s Analysis, we rate this BELIEVABILITY: 100 percent. AMUSEMENT: 0 percent. Pffft.