Pace, Wildenstein Split After 17 Years; Vow to Remain Facebook Friends


Even non artsy-fartsy New Yorkers have probably heard of PaceWildenstein, a gallery that’s been around since, like, the baroque period (okay, 17 years, but that’s 119 in dog years). Well, we regret to inform you that the little “e” and the big “W” have cited irreconcilable differences. It seems Pace had taken to staying out til all hours drinking with his “buddies” Rauschenberg and Hockney, unwilling to truly commit to a life partnership, while Wildenstein’s traditional upbringing and old-world values made it difficult for the two to see eye to eye in the end.

“We are not exchanging clients in the way we once were,” says Arne Glimcher, chairman of Pace.

Got it — wink, wink.

In a rumored hundred-million-dollar settlement, Pace lays claim to East 57th Street and Chelsea, and Wildenstein will stick to her original East 64th Street stomping grounds (I had some great single years there, sweetie). As with any amicable separation, the two will remain friends on Facebook. “We will continue to keep working together,” Mr. Glimcher said — that is, until Pace posts incriminating photos of himself with that slutty redhead from 2B, or Wildenstein gets her new beau to put a ring on it, something Pace had staunchly refused to do as a self-professed bohemian.

But, Wildenstein, don’t be blue: Being a single lady is pretty dang great, especially when you don’t have to sit in a car seat.