Today Is April Fools Day, and Fucked Up Is Getting Sued


Flattered as we are that the dudes in Fucked Up today pointed readers of their blog in our direction regarding the band’s brilliant post last week about the economics of SXSW, we’re gonna have to go ahead and not believe that the band is being sued by Thriller Energy Drinks for defamation, as they claim over at Looking For Gold. “In a nice ironic twist of fate to the last time we were specifically linked to a particular group of corporations (ie when we sued Camel Cigs and Rolling Stone),” the band writes, “now we’re the ones getting sued. One of the companies that was involved with presenting our official sxsw showcase (Thriller Energy Drinks) took out a claim against us yesterday for defamation. It’s not a big case so it’s not a huge deal, but it is a chilling reminder of what can happen when artists speak out about certain issues. We can’t obv talk about it on here that much, but you can feel free to email the company yourself thx:” What’s the date today again?

Shout to Matador for kicking in some extremely real-looking official documents:

The suit includes a nod to you, our readership. To wit, all of you helped defame Nick Fenstal, proprietor of Thriller Energy Drinks, a man who just happens to share a name with a former Fucked Up roadie and “UK secretary for Hidden World Enterprises.” Says page five of the document: “Defendants and each of them used the company and owner names of plaintiffs knowingly and deliberately and inflicted emotional distress on Fenstle by defaming him to many people, including but not limited to the following: the readership of ‘Looking for Gold’, the readership of the ‘Village Voice’, and hardcore punk-wave community, film and interactive festival, Thriller Energy Drinks CFO Octavio St. Laurent.” Coincidentally, a man named Octavio St. Laurent once wrote a mock bio for Fucked Up. But we share the concern of the plaintiffs that the hardcore punk-wave community is not a toy, and shouldn’t be used for the propagation of slander and malarkey.

Unlike, say, the Fucked Up blog.

Just Why [Looking For Gold]