Wendy’s Bacon & Blue Burger Is Not Nearly as Bad as You Might Imagine


Take a look under the hood: good thick bacon, the mildest blue cheese imaginable, barely distinguishable from cottage cheese, and some other smeary substance of indeterminate composition.

Emboldened by my adventure tasting the new Pacific shrimp taco at Taco Bell, I went in search of another new fast food product that had been relentlessly merchandised over the last couple of months.

I’m talking about Wendy’s Bacon & Blue, the ultimate burger in their bacon-driven series highlighting applewood smoked bacon of indeterminate provenance. The bacon is actually pretty good, and you get two thick strips per burger.

The type of blue cheese remains unspecified, though, and when I opened up the bacon & blue burger purchased from a Wendy’s near Union Square, I discovered big lumps with little blue veining, and the mildest taste imaginable. It looks rather unappetizing mired in some sort of mayo sauce.

The first thing I though when I heard about the burger was how it seemed like an April Bloomfield rip-off. After all, she’d come up with the first blue-cheese burger I’d ever heard of, at Spotted Pig. Blue cheese is a rather illogical thing to put on a hamburger, because the strong flavor obliterates much of the meat taste. The Spotted Pig’s offering thus constituted one of the counter-intuitive triumphs of the burger world, and one that was bound to filter down to more plebian consumers.

And here is the contraption fully assembled. My, the bacon is unruly, isn’t it?


Nothing better than sneaking a smoke after eating one of these things.

Lately, fast-food chains have been developing upmarket products, not only to allow comparative high-rollers to blow more money, and to make up for the steeply discounted items, but also to allow the general populace to buy into some of the fads of the foodist realm. The shrimp taco is one example, the bacon & blue another.

Once reassembled, it didn’t taste bad at all, with the multiple flavor elements in harmony, and none overpowering the others. Man, this burger is good! And one will easily fill you up, with no need for Wendy’s inferior fries.