An Ode to Hot Cross Buns; Chocolate-Covered Matzoh Balls




This week in food blogs:

Serious Eats rounded up the latest limited-edition Ben & Jerry’s flavors to hit the shelves and pays its respects to the dearly departed Concession Obsession and Wavy Gravy.

Feast chatted with David Chang and Ken Friedman, who said he preferred Ssam Bar because he can’t get into Ko.

Eat Me Daily found artsy table linens designed by the likes of Karim Rashid and Martin Saemmer.

Eater learned that College Humor was behind the elaborate In-N-Out Burger hoax that broke the hearts of so many New Yorkers.

The Atlantic Food Channel posted penned a love letter to hot cross buns, just in time for Easter.

Grub Street discovered some pretty unorthodox Easter candy. Atomic egg, anyone?

Shut Up Foodie designed a food writer bingo card inspired by Sam Sifton’s penchant for and overuse of the word “bright.”

Blondie and Brownie celebrated the arrival of spring and the return of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.

Midtown Lunch unearthed some tasty Passover sweets in Midtown, from apple haroset tarts to chocolate-covered matzoh balls.